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Expo 2015

Expo 2015 will be held in Milan from May 1 to October 31, 2015. It is an educational event, scientific and cultural, that brings together countries, organizations, businesses and citizens, in order to explore and contribute to the progress of one of the greatest challenges facing humanity: nutrition and sustainable development.

Confagricoltura will be present at Expo in order to spread the concept of agriculture as an essential element of the national economy and international. We will create useful and innovative services to meet the Italian companies and consolidate and develop their internationalization activities.

During the event, commercial activities will not be allowed, for this reason Confagricoltura will offer to all companies who choose to be there and participate, the opportunity to use the window of Expo as an opportunity to develop and strengthen the business of the company and its strategic positioning. The universal exhibition will be a driving force to promote their own company and establish business relationships with new operators especially foreign.

The Confagricoltura activities will be developed into three phases:

• the period before the Expo, with several initiatives of approaching to the event;
• the period when Confagricoltura will be physically present inside the Expo, with all the related activities; • the "fallout", ie the benefits that will be handled at the end of the Expo.
During the approaching to Expo, Confagricoltura, coordinated centrally, will organize initiatives throughout Italy, to give visibility to the companies involved and create business opportunities. The calendar of activities will be defined based on the number and type of companies interested.

During the event, Confagricoltura, inside the Expo, will develop the following activities:

• the setting up of dedicated spaces in line with our concept, creating the conditions necessary to bring visitors to the Agri-Culture;
• the creation of a section Expo.anch'io on the national platform that will be a promotional vehicle for companies that join the project;
• the organization of events in line with the emerging issues;
• the possibility to use a representative office and a showroom in rotation over the six months;
• the support and assistance for B2B meetings and for international relations with its interpreting service;
• the support for communication activities;
• the promotion of tourist packages and gastronomic;
• the creation of caskets containing proposals for Weekend, trips and stays, spa, dining, sports, visits to wineries, cooking classes, etc. for the development of the country. Excellent opportunity to also promote the sale of its own products;
• the creation of the e-commerce platform "Food Made In" for the sale of wine and food products;
• the integration with the advanced platform E015;
• the organization of regional Cooking Shows to promote the products of the companies participating in the initiative;
• the opportunity to participate in cultural events and promotion of Made in Italy by tying the agricultural sector to those that make really great Italy (fashion, culture, art, technology, design, etc.).

During Expo, in addition to the presence in the institutional spaces, Confagricoltura will organize events outside of Expo in support of the participating companies to increase their trade relations. To give more visibility to member companies and make them feel active part of the "expo ....anch’io" project, the activity will be oriented towards events aimed at enhancing the Italian "lifestyle" in the world. For this purpose we will focus on activities related to high fashion in Milan, we will organize tourist paths and wine and food throughout the country, we will create a combination of agriculture, cultural and artistic events.

Moreover, as opportunity for growth of our companies there will be a hub for exchange of information, marketing, opportunity and an app on the platform E015 (tool provided by Expo, which will be made available on all services related to the event). After Expo we will aim to structure and consolidate a network of trade and services that will include all the companies who have accompanied us with enthusiasm during the period of stay in Expo.

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