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Food Made In is an Innovative Startup that places the culture and the local excellence at the centre of its world.


Food Made In is the first digital district of the Italian agricultural and food excellence: a new concept which transposes the geographical connotation and the proximity of the actual manufacturing district on the new plan of the "network" and of the "social" relations.


Food Made In offers innovative services to the real economy. We are specialized in the Food & Wine sector and we present ourselves as a technology partner of the micro, small and medium enterprises that make our country great.

By we are pleased to offer to these enterprises the possibility to conquer the international stage and export our 4698 regional food specialties worldwide.

In addition, we offer innovative solutions that include the study and implementation of creative concept, interface design, a global technology platform, customer care service and international digital marketing activities.


The Food Made In Team boasts international professional experiences - in major multinational FMCG and IT- and local, in start-up and small business family. Together, we plan to reinvest all that we have learned from the world to enhance the agri-food excellence made in Italy.

Our Values

Local culture


Food Made In
Via Palestro, 62
00185 Rome, Italy

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