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Certified Network

Food Made In is the first e-commerce platform dedicated to the Italian food excellences. Such a platform was strongly wanted and realized with the aim of presenting and offer the best of the food products made in Italy. Our lands, our climatic characteristics do perfectly combine with the typicality and, thanks to the ability of the involved people, gave birth to an extraordinary mix of products, unique and unrepeatable elsewhere.

Anga (National Association of Young Farmers) and Confagricoltura have focused on Food Made In in order to open the doors of many Italian companies to consumers around the world and they have been doing it with an innovative approach, using a platform that allows you to get detailed information on products and companies, which are automatically "geotagged" to indicate the production location.

Food Made In wants to grow as secure business tool and multilingual international network exclusively dedicated to the Italian food excellences, creating a centre of meeting, exchange, growth for our food producers, buyers and end users.

A Food Made In takes care of the end consumers’ satisfaction. This is why every company, before being inserted, is carefully evaluated and this guarantees the origin of the products for sale at the best price. In the storefront of Food Made In are present the companies associated Anga, Confagricoltura, Agriturist and Confagricoltura Donna. Therefore all the purchases are made according to a full security.

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